Sunday, 20 July 2014

Difference between photovoltaic and photoelectric Effects

The difference is some what similar but it differs in area of studies.

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difference between photoelectric and photovoltaic effects,solar,solar panel,solar power system,photovoltaic,photoelectric effects

The photoelectric effect focuses around electrons being blasted away from photons, but the process described before involving electrons being energized to a higher level is the general theory of “blackbody radiation,” one of the cornerstones to our understanding of the way the universe is put together. A very special section of the blackbody radiation theory is when the incoming photons have just enough energy to knock the electrons they strike into a higher energy orbit in the conduction zone. This special case situation is called the Photovoltaic Effect, and it differs in effect from the Photoelectric effect slightly by not having the electrons blown off the atom entirely.

Because the two different effects are caused by the exact same electron-photon energy exchange phenomenon, and really differ in terms of input energy and outcome effect, it’s easy to understand why the two effects can be easily confused. I’ve seen the reason for PV modules working attributed incorrectly to the photoelectric effect so many times…I feel it’s necessary to accurately note the difference. For a helpful reminder in case you get confused, it’s in the name: the Photovoltaic Effect is what makes Photovoltaic modules work.