Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Solar Chargers for Gadgets

Solar Charger for gadgets solar mobile charger
Solar Mobile Chargers are the boon for nex
t generation charging kits,Lets forgot about charging through grid supply,This Solar Mobile Phone Chargers are not that much bulky so it will be a good and usable kit for those peoples who often travel long, or frequent travellers,always they had a power source to speak to their dear ones or for business.

Lets go into deeper section of solar mobile phone chargers.As you know solar energy which drives the earth,in the same way powering your gadgets is a important thing,These solar chargers consists of Solar Panels of few watts which having internal voltage regulation circuits will deliver constant voltage to the gadgets,when i'm saying gadgets ,its not only mean mobiles,but also MP3 Players,and FM Radios can be powered through this solar charger.

There are certain things to remember before purchasing Solar Charger,
The solar charger need to be purchased by looking the power it delivers and be sure that it will charge your gadget,Some solar chargers had internal batteries to store the power getting from solar panel,those solar chargers are even can produce power to charge your gadgets in nights where there is no sun at all.
This is the important section to talk about,As Compatibility plays a major role in charging your gadget,There are certain solar chargers that doesn't charges IPHONE's,SMART PHONES,PDA's,TABLETS.Once it was brought then it would be a waste of your money you spent for charging your gadgets,Those solar chargers can charge only SMC-3,SMC-4,SMC-5.
It won't be a factor that will ruin your money but it also matters when you purchase a branded solar chargers,some solar chargers are made of poor quality plastics which covers the solar panel and hold the batteries inside them,when it gets slipped from your hand that's enough for their breakage.Buy products from branded companies.
As you know,any product which are higher in price have a promising Quality,But peoples mind would be "which is cheaper?".Thats why lot of C Grade Solar Panels are accumulated in global market from china.We cant blame them because if consumers opt for these panels then sure it will be developed,But the thing is it was sold at the rate equal to "Grade A" Panels,It is Cheating.....
A best Solar Charge can able to charge your cellphone or gadgets even in Diffuse Radiation,means Indirect Sunlight,As the solar panel can collect sunlight in two ways Direct and Indirect,Direct Sunrays in which if you place your solar charger directly towards the sky to charge through direct sunlight,Indirect sunlight in which placing your solar charger inside your home where you are getting reflected rays from the marbles or glasses.And also even you can charge your solar charger internal battery through grid supply.So that you can charge your mobile in cloudy days too.