Thursday, 26 December 2013

Types of Solar Power System

The solar power system which has three types and these types are in terms of usage.The solar power system which has mainly three components Solar Panel,battery,Inverter.The solar panels for producing DC electricity, Batteries for Storage and inverter for conversion of Dc power to AC power and these components with other BOS(Balance of Systems) called Solar Power System.

1.Off-Grid Solar Power System

2.On-Grid System(captive use)

3.On-Grid System(Power selling)

1.Off-Grid solar power system

The off grid system which are used for the individual homes,offices,stores,where power requirement was minimal up to 10KW,As the system includes Solar Panels,Charge controllers,Batteries,Inverter,BOS (other components),The off grid system means that there is no grid supply for the system,the battery act as a backup when the grid is off.The solar panel produce power supply say from morning7:00AM till evening 4:00PM,for the remaining hours batteries can able to supply power and acting as a backup generator.The batteries should be rightly designed and it should be properly maintained.Especially for solar, Deep cycle tubular batteries are used. 

offgrid solar power system

Note: The difference between car batteries (Lead acid Batteries) and deep cycle batteries is the way their lead plates are structured and designed. These plates determine the function of the batteries. The Deep cycle batteries have thick, solid lead plates to handle deep discharge so the battery can provide power for a long time but at low ampere (A),Lead-Acid batteries have thin plates that provide greater surface area to generate big amps for short periods for cranking application.

2.On grid(Captive use)

gridtied solar power system

The on grid solar power system is same as off-grid solar power system except batteries,The system utilize Grid as a backup generator.When the system is in working condition the solar panels produce dc power fro sunlight and the inverter converts that dc power to ac and supply to the household or commercial needs,during night the on grid system utilize the grid as a source or generator,it bypass the grid power to your home or office and its only for captive use.These system ranges upto 100KW.These systems are mainly used in Commercial sectors like Malls,Hospitals,Colleges.The On grid systems has more advantages than offgrid due to the absence of batteries,The cost of the entire system reduces and the maintenance costs reduces and the replacement cost of the batteries was eliminated as the batteries must be replaced every 3-5 years.

3.ON Grid(Power Selling).

Power Selling

The other type of on grid system in which the construction of components are same as On grid(Captive) except the usage,Here the solar system produces power from morning till evening was sold to the electricity board or to the consumer of any industrial type.The Power selling has different types  and the system ranged fro few 100KW to MW.The selling of electricity can be majorly done by Net-metering, PPA, RAC ,Solar Power Lease.