Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Solar Pumping System

solar pumping system
The sun not only helps the plants to grow directly but also indirectly,Solar pump is one of the agricultural innovation that utilizes suns energy to convert solar power to mechanical power to draw water from wells etc..,The system has solar panels,charge controller,pump controller,batteries(Optional),Pump set,Pressure tank.

The system uses a method called VFD(Variable frequency controller),This VFD targeted mainly for irrigation with solar pumping system.The scarcity of the power,Poor quality of pow
er in rural areas and the absence of grid are the main reasons for the usage of alternate power supply for water pumping system.Solar energy which is abundant in nature can be harnessed for this purpose.

Solar Pump

The solar pumping system can be a great boon to the farmers, as the power supply was unlimited and free to use.The system which has batteries are optional and not recommended for the solar pumping system,Off-Grid system without Batteries or On-Grid System Without Batteries can be a better option for solar water pumping system.

The operation of solar pump is more economical mainly due to very low operation and maintenance costs.The maintenance would be cleaning the solar panel twice a week and inverter and the pump controller dust free.The operation is simple,as the motor will start even in the morning 6:00AM and will continue to run till 5:00PM like in India.

The size of the solar pumping system is mainly depends on the amount of water drawn and the amount of sunlight received,The solar pumping system can be of two types AC Operated,Dc Operated.

The DC(Direct Current) operated system which can capable of deliver small quantity of water so that it can be used for small and medium type of irrigation and it can ranged fro from 300W to 3KW of system Capacity.

The AC(Alternating Current) operated system which can be utilized to provide large quantity of water used for Larger irrigation purposes, as the system has inverter which is necessary to convert the DC power from the solar panels to the AC,the system is not that efficient than DC operated system,its ranges from few KW to 50 KW,But the system should be properly designed for higher power systems.